Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Without You

I don't know if I really want to write you something, I don't know if I wish to rememberthe hours of pleasure to your side, I don't know if I really want to digress in you.

Let the silly thing beside, not today, stay in that old corner, it could be better, let forget all.

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich


Friday, August 05, 2005


I cannot collect your fragrances, nevertheless I dare to collect your emotions, the percepcion of your senses, the express train to beat of your heart, the trembling of your legs or the intense vortex in your mind.

A full vortex of sensations, stored carefully, in small flasks or in special containers, I conserve here happiness, frustrations, sadnesses, fears and rage, that I catalogue which if was a library.

The smiles they recall me, irony, shouts, tantrums, laughters, tremblings, moans and a long one etc, I conserve the shame of the first encounter with me, the laughters while daringly raised your skirt, strolled for your pubis and get a mixture of shame and desires hug.

Here in this place section of all I conserve them, intact, like my memories, the same way as my life with you.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


She- Nice Place, don't you?
me - I like it, very much
She was standing in the small balcony with a view to the mountains, covered of a light dress, on the table remainders of a small banquet, cheese and a bottle of Chianti Ruffino.

I approached slowly, enjoying weather, the silence and the beautiful view, the smooth curve of his back to backlight of the sunset, the completely loose dark hair, his fine and long legs, I took her of the shoulders and I began to aspire the delicious fragrance of her hair, trifling and entangling my fingers among her hairs, I kissed her neck I don't know how many times.

We forget the presence of the world, nothing existed, I slid my hands under the dress and I began to caress her smoothly, like who touches a flower and fears to strip it, only the wind, the clouds and the dying sun were extras of our shared desire.

She dropped the dress and thus naked, the dying sun saw her, feverish my hands traveled through her, smooth their chests, nipples straightened up, the open legs yielding the step to their wet sex, we did'nt care an indiscreet look, an eavesdropper or voyeur, who cares that they were delightd with what they look.

I take off my clothes, I placed my member straightened up among his butts while grasped his breasts and bit his neck, rhythmically began to move me, I descended my hand and I began to explore his sex, a wet sex, delicately shaved, ready for the love, I introduced my fingers, beginning to move them slowly.

Alone murmurs of approval, closed eyes, bodies soaked in sweat, wet lips and arranged sexes.

Slowly it was inclining its body to offer me its sex, anxious, she with anxiety, I placed my dick hardened in her sex and slowly I was entering her, holding its hips, in slow cadence penetrating her, only smoothly moans from me and she, only the moon and the stars were visible witnesses of as possessed her.

At the end, shouts silenced by the prudence?, dull moans, semen spilled and sweat in two agitated bodies.

She- there will be seen us someone?
I- and now you worry?, look, if tomorrow someone seeing us or smile to us in complicity, already we will know him.
M- You are an exhibitionist.
I -Who, me?, ok. .., better we go in don't you?
M- Shhhhh, be quiet, somebody could see us
I- ????

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

To my side

Come to my side, restless in my chest,
listen to my heart and breath deep and slow,
talk to me in silence, let your hands talk,
and let your eyes tell me your intimate things.

Don't think that you cry in vain,
don't cry anymore, smile, give me your breath,
the joy of your smile,
let the things today will be different.

For the Masters

Do you feel that need something new?, do you like to try more exotic positions?, ¿are you masters? Check this (click on the photo):

Monday, April 11, 2005


At night, completely in the dark and two in the bed.

3:45 a.m.

X- Hey, hey!
I- uh, eh, what?
X- could you massage me my feet?
I- who, right now?, are you nuts?, at this hour?
X- So? they hurt

I- Ok, I rise more slept than nothing, take the lotion for feet and beginning smoothly to caress them, later with firmness, massaje both to obtain that you relax, I include ankles and her legs, I listen smooth moaned of satisfaction.

4:15 a.m.

I- ok, feeling asleep-
X- Fuck me!
I- uh, heat me a little don't you?
X -oohh, you seem old, see ya
I- ?????, !!!!!

Agitation Free - Malesh

This time we show one of the maximum exponents and one of the pioneering groups within Krautrock (used term to define the German progressive) that initiated that experimental scene in the beginnings of the years 70's was AGITATION FREE; a band that formed in the year of 1967 by Michael GUNTHER, bass and keyboards and by Lutz ULBRICH in the guitars and keyboards. Originally known by the name of AGITATION - selected name at random of the dictionary - and that later decided to really add "FREE" to the name of the band a year to him later, due to the consequent inspiration of all the concerts that offered free.

This band began like the majority touching covers, in the case of inspired them basically by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and IRON BUTTERFLY, but soon would initiate their proposal avant garde adding improvisations within the subjects integrating part of their own work, with a joint between guitars with an atmospheric instrumentation giving him to a sensitivity with a hipnotic tendency experimental developed good and with an emotional control that would take them to collaborate with students of the school of art in Berlin for the accomplishment of its performances, showcases, galleries, presentations in conservatories in addition to the participation in some Clubs.

In 1970 AGITATION FREE it comprised in the scene of the German Progressive Popfestival in Berlin alternating with groups like TANGERINE DREAM, AMON DÜÜL and GURU GURU, bands with which before already had played. Often considers like a a pioneering band them of other bands, so it is the case of the guitarist Alex GENRICH who later started off to comprise of GURU GURU and the drummer Christopher FRANKE to TANGERINE DREAM in 1971. ULBRICH and GUNTHER called to the guitarist Jorg SCWHENKE, the drummer Burghard RAUSCH and the keyboardist Michael HOENIG, forming therefore the quinteto that its first called album "Malesh" would record, made with a strong influence of the regions that visited during their tour in Egypt, Greece and Cyprus in 1972, impelled by the Goethe Institute. After its poor distribution of its first record material the group continues in tour by France and Germany, in which they make his second called album "Second" in 1973, which would be its last album of study. Disappointed by the few sales of their last disc, in addition to some internal differences of the group, caused the definitive separation of the group in 1974, although the group no longer existed in 1976 left a third called disc "Last" and in 1995 one call "Fragments", although GUNTHER and ULBRICH continued with a new called name LAGOONA. In 1998 they met for the ULBRICH birthday, GUNTHER, RAUSCH and HOENIG and decided to revivir AGITATION FREE, and for the following year of Return would leave "River". In this time we presented "Malesh", his first work, enjoy it.

Thanks to Manticornio for info.